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Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka’s second most ancient kingdom, is located in the North Western Province of the country. Known as the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, it was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 due to its historical significance and ancient technological advancements. The city remains one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in Sri Lanka, a testament to the discipline and greatness of its early rulers.

Polonnaruwa boasts a remarkable collection of archaeological monuments, including stupas (Pagoda-style buildings), reservoirs, ancient palaces, ponds, courtyards, and more. It serves as the hub of the country’s dry zone, offering opportunities to learn about vital topics like the dry zone ecosystem, ancient irrigation management systems of Sri Lanka (with living witnesses), dry zone fish species, tortoise species, and, notably, the majority of primate species found in Sri Lanka. Visiting this magnificent ancient city of Polonnaruwa is highly recommended during your vacation. Delux Holidays is here to make your holiday to Polonnaruwa exceptional! Contact Tour Operator to Sri Lanka – Delux Holidays to visit Polonnaruwa.


Polonnaruwa is known as one of the cleanest cities in the country. Some of the popular attractions of this city includes: Parakrama Samudra which is a huge lake built in the year 1200, as well as ancient constructions, and luxury hotels to stay.

The ancient city of Polonnaruwa has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The best time to visit Polonnaruwa is July, August and then January.

Bicycle is popular, tuk-tuk or bus tour is another option, and it would even be possible to walk.

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