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Kumana National Park, located in the southeastern part of Sri Lanka, is an amazing wildlife sanctuary. Covering a vast expanse of land, this park is a biodiversity hotspot, a home to a wide array of animals and plant life. One of its standout features is the multitude of water bodies, including serene lagoons and tranquil ponds, that attract various bird species, including migratory birds that make seasonal stopovers. Bird enthusiasts and researchers from across the globe frequently visit this park, drawn by the opportunity to observe and study these captivating avian visitors in their natural habitat.

Kumana National Park also serves as a secure refuge for a diverse range of wildlife, including majestic elephants, elusive leopards, graceful deer, and a host of other fascinating creatures. The park’s dense forests and abundant water sources provide essential resources for these animals, making it an ideal habitat. Many visitors are drawn to the park not only for its scenic beauty but also for the chance to witness these animals thriving in their natural surroundings. Delux Holidays is here to make your holiday to Kumana National Park exceptional! Contact Tour Operator to Sri Lanka – Delux Holidays to visit Kumana National Park.


You can make your adventure even more memorable by going on exciting safaris in Kumana National Park. You can hop into a special jeep with a guide who knows the park well. They will take you around to see all the amazing animals and birds that live there. You might see colorful birds, fast leopards, cute deer, and even crocodiles near the ponds. The guide will also tell you interesting facts about the plants and animals, making it a fun and educational adventure in this beautiful park.

Tourists can usually have a safe visit to Kumana National Park, but it’s vital to be cautious and heed the guidance of park experts. The park is home to various animals, including potentially dangerous ones like leopards. To ensure safety, it’s essential to maintain a respectful distance from wildlife and avoid behaviors that might disturb them. Your park expert will stick to designated paths and roads during your safari to prevent getting lost or causing harm to the environment.

Kumana National Park usually opens early in the morning and closes in the early evening, but these times may vary depending on the season and park regulations. For the best experience, consider arriving in the morning when wildlife is active, and again in the late afternoon when animals often come out to drink water. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information on the park’s operating hours, it’s recommended to check with park authorities or your guide before planning your visit.

It’s important to adhere to specific rules when birdwatching at Kumana National Park to ensure a nice experience for both birdwatchers and the birds. First and foremost, keep a calm and quiet presence, especially during nesting and breeding seasons, to prevent upsetting the birds. Binoculars and telephoto lenses are recommended for respectfully observing these feathered species so you can take in their beauty from a safe distance. Move gently and with patience to reduce sudden movements that can frighten the birds.

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