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Kalpitiya is situated in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka and is renowned for its stunning waterfront beauty. Often considered the future of Sri Lanka’s tourism, Kalpitiya is a collection of 14 islands with significant potential for development in the years to come. Kalpitiya Beach is a fantastic destination for a wide range of watersports activities, as well as dolphin and whale watching. The beach is a long, sandy place, easily accessible by boat from the Kalpitiya lagoon, and it attracts numerous tourists with its breathtaking natural beauty. Kalpitiya Beach is known for hosting Spinner dolphins and a rare species of Sperm Whale, making it a prime attraction. The warm sands and tropical climate make Kalpitiya Beach the perfect spot for sunbathing.

In addition to these attractions, there are numerous other activities to enjoy, such as snorkeling in the deep ocean waters to explore marine life, and taking boat and canoe rides to discover hidden wonders along the beach. Visitors can also enjoy a jeep ride along the sandy dunes of the beach while witnessing spectacular sunset views. Furthermore, accessing the Bar Reef, a stunning coral garden in the heart of the ocean, is easy, and it offers the highest biodiversity compared to other reefs in Sri Lanka.

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In theory, Kalpitiya got its name from the Dutch fort where ‘Kal’ means stone in Tamil, and ‘petti’ means box.

The best kitesurfing destination in Sri Lanka is Kalpitiya, which attracts enthusiasts of all skill levels to experience the winds on thrilling lagoon expeditions. In addition to being an attraction for kite surfers, Kalpitiya is popular for dolphin-watching, diving, and snorkeling.

Kalpitiya is located in the Puttlam District and it lies approximately 170km away from Colombo.

On average, it is hot all year  round. The best months for good weather in Kalpitiya are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September.

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Embark on unforgettable journeys, ranging from stunning natural landscapes to vibrant urban hubs, and create remarkable memories with Delux Tours.

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Embark on unforgettable journeys, ranging from stunning natural landscapes to vibrant urban hubs, and create remarkable memories with Delux Tours.

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